The band


Steinar Børve – saxophones, Akai EWI, keyboards (1998 – present)

Trond Gjellum – drums, percussion, samplers and sounds (1998-present)

Anders K. Krabberød – bass guitars, Chapman Stick, additional keyboards (2002-present)

Jarle G. Storløkken – guitars, keyboards, accordion (2002-present)

Torgeir Wergeland Sørbye – keyboards, trumpet (2016-present)

Former members

Jørgen Skjulstad (bass guitar 1998–2002)

Knut Tore Abrahamsen (guitars 1998–2001)

Endre Begby (guitars 2001–2002)

Hans-Petter Alfredsen (keyboards 2011–2016)


2000: … passer gullfisk (Panzerpappa)

2002: Hulemysteriet (Panzerpappa)

2004: Farlig Vandring (Avant Audio Productions)

2006: Koralrevens Klagesang (Schmell Records)

2012: Astromalist (Rune Grammofon)

2016: Pestrottedans (AltrOck)

2019: Summarisk suite (Apollon Records Prog)


The tale of Panzerpappa begins in the summer of 1996, when Trond Gjellum started to record some simple demos on his own. Seeing that Trond Gjellum is a dull name to use as an artist, he decides to take the name Panzerpappa, a name deprived of any meaning. The songs are based in the progressive rock sound of Samla Mammas Manna and Univers Zero, and he wants to start a band to perform his music. However, as he can find no one to form a band with, the project is shelved.

In May 1997 Trond is asked if he is willing to play drums in a project led by saxophone player Steinar Børve, aiming at making music to Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. Steinar and Trond find out that they have many common influences when it comes to music, and they agree to do further collaborations in the future. Early 1998, Steinar and Trond joins up with Knut Tore Abrahamsen (guitar) and Jørgen Skjulstad (bass), and they agree to use the name Panzerpappa.

Panzerpappa records their debut album “… passer gullfisk”, in Frogner Lyd studio in Oslo, Norway. The engineer, Georg Tanderø, later becomes engineer for his favourite band Motorpshyco and works with Lady GaGa. 

May 2001, Knut Tore tells the rest of the band that he will get married and move to Copenhagen. A friend of Trond, Endre Begby become the new guitar player. During the summer of 2001, the band rehearses the material for their next album, entitled “Hulemysteriet”. Then things start to fall apart…

In the beginning 2002, Steinar get the opportunity to study for half a year in Australia, and February, Endre and Jørgen leave Panzerpappa. With half the band lost and the remaining 25% in Australia, Trond is left with the job of finding their replacements. In fact, that proved to be much easier than expected.

Jarle G. Storløkken and Anders K. Krabberød plays with Trond in the backing band of Richard Sinclair in March, and when Trond ask them if they want to join Panzerpappa, the answer is yes. During the summer, Anders, Jarle and Trond write songs and rehearse together. The new material shows a promising future for the band. In September, Steinar returns, and for the first time in almost a year, Panzerpappa is a full band. The band makes a lot of new music and play lot of concerts. In November 2003, they record their third album Farlig vandring that get good reviews.

During 2004/2005, they rehearse and write a lot of new music. The next album Koralrevens Klagesang, is released in 2006 to good reviews. This album includes the track “Vintervake”, a collaboration with legendary Canterbury-musician Richard Sinclair, well known from Caravan, Harfield & The North, and Camel. 

During 2010 and 2011 Panzerpappa write and record the new album Astromalist. Hans-Petter Alfredsen joins as permanent member in November 2011. During 2013 they play concerts in Norway and starts writing for a new album. In September they play a well-received concert at the Rock In Opposition-festival in Carmaux, France.

Early 2014 Trond undergoes a coronary bypass operation, but that does not hinder the band in writing and recording their new album Pestrottedans (Dance of the plague rat) for AltrOck Records. In July 2015 they play at the Zappanale in Bad Doberan, Germany in Bergen with Skandaløse and in Oslo with Magic Pie, Pymlico and Gentle Knife.

In 2016, Hans-Petter Alfredsen leaves Panzerpappa, and is replaced by keyboard and trumpet player Torgeir Wergeland Sørbye, and old friend of Steinar. This new line-up starts rehearsing and writing, and during 2017 and 2018 they write and record “Summarisk Suite”. 

The band were in the process of composing material for a new album, and to shorten the gap between the “Pestrottedans” and the new one, they wanted to release an EP. Apollon Records were interested in releasing the material but wanted a full album. Instead of finishing the material they were writing and rehearsing, Panzerpappa decided to do something completely different and start from scratch and record all-new material. Therefore, the material for this album has very different origins. Parts are old sketches that have been collecting dust in a drawer for decades, others are brand new. There is even one piece that is totally improvised (Belgerisk improv), something Panzerpappa haven’t done for any of their previous albums. 

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