«These truly expansive compositions move with unflappable elegance between episodes of monumental boldness to wryly discursive interludes, beaming with a nonchalant, near-jaunty perkiness […] Despite the formidable technicalities deployed by Panzerpappa, this music is, at its very essence, something that’s unfailingly warm and resolutely human.» (Prog Magazine (UK)/Sid Smith)

“These guys are like Olympic gymnasts of composition and arrangement” (Aural-Innovations)

“Today their sound retains all their previous influences, but everything is ratcheted up a notch or two, their vision stronger and more vivid, certainly a bit heavier, and a more comfortable execution – one doesn’t hear the effort, it just all comes through in blazing brilliance. […]. Panzerpappa’s finest moment to date.” (Exposé Magazine)

“[…] this is a true masterpiece, reflecting the maturity and still growing creativity of a band still able of surprising and shaking us for many years to come. Grab a copy and enjoy!” (Progarchives)

[…] great melodic touches, fine ensemble playing and an ear for a memorable arrangement.
There is a natural warmth to these compositions, an element sometimes missing from the more dryly academic end of this particular left-field spectrum […]. I would heartily recommend Astromalist to anyone wanting to dip their toes into the strange waters of avant- prog […].” (

“If you are looking for something to stretch your musical listening skills, Panzerpappa are the ticket. The music on Astromalist pushes and pulls in a number of different directions but in the end it crosses the finish line, a winner.” (Jerry Lucky)


«The music is bold and dramatic, is detailed, is all quite magical […] and full of intricate instrumental virtuosity and layers of dimensional arrangements conveying a dizzying depth to the music. And yet it all hangs together […]. Man, these guys are good! Amazing and recommended!» (Jerry Lucky)

“The real stars here are the compositions and arrangements. While each track is unique and full of nifty twists and turns, they are of a piece, with a bright, cheerful sound […]. […] The harmonic palette is sophisticated, with rich voicings and unexpected harmonizations. The album is entirely instrumental and really a joy from start to finish — easily among the highlights of 2016!” (Exposé Magazine)

«If you love Frank Zappa, the Canterbury scene, King Crimson, Univers Zero, Present, Decibel, and Goblin, then delve into the mysteries and wonders of Panzerpappa!» (Music From The Other Side Of The Room)

«Instrumental stories […] are played with the consummate ease of a long running and highly skilled bunch of musicians, whose joy in what they do pours out of the speakers.» (The Progressive Aspect)


«Panzerpappa is back with another set of tasty instrumental music that inhabits a region somewhere between progressive rock and jazz, and once again, listeners will probably notice that Canterbury bands like National Health are kindred spirits, with complex arrangements, wandering melodies, and a generally light touch […] The tracks are chock full of soaring melodies […] a very enjoyable album.» (Exposé Magazine)

«The quality and impressive growth of Panzerpappa, regardless of the musical direction they opt for, is an undisputed fact which is verified by every album they release, and this is something that not many bands can claim. What sets them apart is their inexhaustible inspiration, imagination, and their ability to materialize their vision in the studio flawlessly and in an attractive fashion, but uncompromising at the same time. […] Equally sophisticated and low-profile, serious, dedicated to their art, they present the latter in an exemplary way. Every chapter is a brand new story, well-written and animated […] If the next winter is heavy, let Summarisk Suite be its soundtrack.» (

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