“Astromalist” release concert – Encore

Panzerpappa covers a true classic for the encore of the release concert for “Astromalist” at Månefisken, Oslo (16.10.2012)

Saxophone/EWI: Steinar Børve
Keys: Hans Petter Alfredsen
Guitar: Jarle G. Storløkken
Bass: Anders Krabberød
Drums & perc: Trond Gjellum

Special guests:

Kjetil Laumann – vocals
Thomas Hylland Eriksen – Tenor saxophone

Satam – live at the RIO-Festival 2013

Those were the days…

Early 2013 we were contacted by the organizers of the Rock In Opposition (RIO) festival in Carmaux, just outside Albi in the south of France, about playing at the festival. Arriving at the place was like coming to avant rock heaven: located at the striking Cap Découverte, some of the leading avant rockers are brought together there every year to celebrate the frontier of rock’n’roll. Hanging around, drinking wine, eating an enormous amount of crepes, it was all a memory to cherish.

Most important, of course, was the music. To be able to attend concerts with many of our favourite artists in a single weekend, was mind-boggling. And the best part of it all, was to present our own music in front of an audience so in tune with what Panzerpappa is all about.

From the moment we stepped onto the stage, we felt an immediate connection to the crowd. The reception was overwhelming, and made us put our heart and soul into every tune.

A lot of wonderful moments come to mind, but the one that we will remember the most, was being joined on-stage by Dave Kerman, one of the biggest avant rock inspirations of all times to us in the band. Dave contributed on the beginning of “Satam” by playing sandals (!) like there was no tomorrow. It started out as a joke, because Dave is famous for using Barbie dolls as drumsticks. Trond suggested that he would be using his sandals as drumsticks on the concert, but Dave replied “I can play sandals!”. And so he did.

Sandals – Dave Kerman
Saxophone/EWI – Steinar Børve
Keys – Hans Petter Alfredsen
Guitar – Jarle G. Storløkken
Bass – Anders K. Krabberød
Drums & Perc – Trond Gjellum