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Welcome to the official Panzerpappa website.

Panzerpappa plays avant rock “with a friendly face”, and has released seven studio albums and one live album since the year 2000.

Check out our discography here:

«[…] melodic, with a light but solid ensemble sound, rich, detalied, nuanced, and with a style that is still their own.» (Chris Cutler)

«If you love Frank Zappa, the Canterbury scene, King Crimson, Univers Zero, Present, Decibel, and Goblin, then delve into the mysteries and wonders of Panzerpappa!» (Music From The Other Side Of The Room, 05/16)

«Instrumental stories […] are played with the consummate ease of a long running and highly skilled bunch of musicians, whose joy in what they do pours out of the speakers.» (The Progressive Aspect, 07/2016)

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