Hulemysteriet – 2021-version

In corona times, one has to do SOMETHING…

We decided to revisit Steinar’s tune “Hulemysteriet”, from the 2001-album of the same name. This composition has been a regular feature in Panzerpappa’s live sets for almost 20 years. We had a great time recording and filming an updated version from lockdown, so we thought we’d share it with you. Enjoy!

Saxophone & EWI – Steinar Børve
Keys (Fender Rhodes 73, Farfisa Mini Compact Organ ’64) – Torgeir Wergeland Sørbye
Guitar – Jarle G. Storløkken
Bass & synth – Anders K. Krabberød
Drums & percussion – Trond Gjellum

Mix & master – Trond Gjellum
Video editing – Jarle G. Storløkken


Already from the beginning on, exploring odd metres and uncommon rhythms was important to Panzerpappa. Hulemysteriet (which means “Cave mystery”) was one of several songs which came about as a result of such explorations.

This particular song was conceived by Steinar after noticing a commonplace feature in child singing. Especially younger children can often run out of breath in the middle of a phrase while singing. This forces them to make a very short pause to draw breath before continuing the song. As a result of these short pauses of breath, the rhythm of the song will be slightly altered.

Normally, these pauses would appear at slightly irregular intervals and wouldn’t constitute a recurring rhythm. But Steinar’s idea was that, if you looped one such breathing pause event, this could become an interesting metre as a basis for a song. In the case of Hulemysteriet, this resulted in a 19/16 metre with a quite infantile melodic pattern to accompany it. Of course, the second half of the song is far from your ordinary children’s rhyme.

Original album: