Exercises in Style – No. 70: Anglisismar (Anglicisms)

This particular variation was written back in 2004 by Jarle. The title connotates to «something REALLY British!», and although there were several possible styles to choose from (skiffle, John Dowland, Edward Elgar, The Beatles, progressive rock, different styles of folk music etc. etc.), Jarle eventually settled on the phenomenon called the British Trad Jazz Revival, which started just after WWII, and grew really huge in the 50s and 60s. And even in 2022, trad jazz is still a huge thing on the British Isles.

The trad jazz revival scene had its three B’s, namely Acker Bilk (clarinet), Kenny Ball (trumpet) and Chris Barber (trombone). To match that, we were so incredibly lucky to get hold of the three legendary M’s: Morten Barrikmo (clarinet), Marius Henriksen-Haltli (trumpet) and Marius Tobias Hoven (trombone)!

The tune is completely through-composed, but our fabulous horn players managed to make every line sound fresh and spontaneous through their performance. We sincerely thank you for contributing to the project!

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