Mythopoeic Mind – new album in the making!

Jacob Holm-Lupo has delivered the final master, and Steinar has put the finishing touches on the album art. In other words, Mythopoeic Mind´s second album, entitled Hatchling, has started on the long, slow road from digital to physical formats. Release on Apollon Records Prog in mid-August seems likely 🙂.

In the meantime, we plan to share with you a lot of inside info in comings weeks on the where and how concerning the album. Among other things, we plan to slowly, but surely unveil the album art. So stay tuned! For now, we leave you with this very special reproduction of the front cover: just as the music for this album was half a year ago, bits and pieces piled together. See ya 😃!With love from,Veronika Hørven Jensen, Trond Gjellum, Ola Mile Bruland, Anders Kristian Krabberød, Pål Selsjord Bjørseth, and Steinar Børve.

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