Mythopoeic Mind: Pre-order for 2nd album «Hatchling» available on Bandcamp now!

Mythopoeic Mind’s second album, Hatchling, which is due for release on Apollon Records Prog on August 20th. Today we are happy to present to you a trinity of good news relating to the upcoming album:

(1) A teaser video which serves as a preview of the album is premiered.

(2) Bandcamp pre-order is launched today. In addition to being able to order the new album separately on physical and digital formats, you can also order both our albums on CD or LP at once at a 20% discount and with no extra shipping cost compared to ordering only the latest album. Check it out at

(3) As a Bandcamp exclusive, we present a digital bonus track entitled Supreme Vision. This is an instrumental variation on the album track Fog Vision which features Steinar brand new alto saxophone, the Selmer Supreme. While Fog Vision will only become available upon full album release, the bonus track is streamable as of today and you can download it, together with the single Fear Fiesta released in June, after placing your pre-order. For a listen:

A special thanks to Jacob Holm-Lupo for a wonderful mix.
All the best from the Mythopoets,
Veronika Hørven Jensen, Trond Gjellum, Pål Selsjord Bjørseth, Ola Mile Bruland, Anders Kristian Krabberød, and Steinar Børve

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