Exercises in Style – No. 17: Ordsamansetning (Word-composition)

Every preset on a synth or keyboard gives musical ideas.

Torgeir tried a new wavetable synth and found the sound that reminds of a vintage transistor organ crossed with the presence sound of a laser sword and the humming sound of a power transformer. To achieve a more nostalgic vibe we added some electrostatic noise, and then everyone in the band contributed with flavors of their chosen instruments.

Jarle added the “ticking clocks”-beat and the bells (a composite sound from two different synths), Anders contributed with granular delay on the bells and some subbass, and finally Steinar recorded an Ondes Martenot-patch with his EWI.

The video for this exercise is nothing but a shameless, cynical advertisement for our newest merch article (available on Bandcamp) – beautiful handcrafted beer coasters made by none other than our keyboard player, Torgeir. Check them out!

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