Exercises in Style – No. 94: Portrett (Portrait). Video.

Performed by Wolfgang Plagge (piano) and Torgeir Wergeland Sørbye (piano).

Part of Panzerpappa’s Exercises in Style-project (2021 – 2025)

The Stiløvingar [Exercises in Style] album is a work in progress and will continue to grow as we compose and record tracks. If you buy the album, you will be informed when new tracks are added to the album as long as you follow us on Bandcamp. We will add a handful of new tracks every now and then.

By 2025 the album will contain 99 tracks, one for each of the exercises in the book Exercises in Style (1947) by Raymond Queneau. In other words, the price you pay is for the full digital album with all 99 tracks.

https://panzerpappa.bandcamp.com/album/stil-vingar-exercises-in-style https://panzerpappa.com/

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