Exercises in Style – No. 94: Portrett (Portrait)

What an honor to have one of your compositions performed, analyzed and even reviewed by the one and only Wolfgang Plagge!

“Portrait” is a theme and variations-movement for four-handed piano (in this case – for two pianos), played by Wolfgang and our very own Torgeir for inclusion in our Exercises In Style-project.

Torgeir: “I was lucky enough to know Wolfgang from before and was therefore bold enough to ask if he would like to contribute to the Exercises In Style-project. He seemed more than curious about this and showed great enthusiasm for the concept in general and for “Portrait” in particular.

He booked us both rehearsal and recording time in a beautiful recital hall at the Norwegian Academy of Music, as well as two gorgeous and freshly tuned grand pianos.

We practiced together for the first time at the Academy. He obviously got the most demanding part. Since then we had two meetings at Wolfgang’s house.

As thanks for his time, he was honored each time with various homemade wooden products (Among other things, a spinning top, which he and the children made spin for over three minutes on the living room floor!).

Wolfgang is a wonderful person, rich in knowledge and musicality. He is extremely generous and always has a good story. I am really grateful to have had this opportunity and suspect Wolfgang to feel the same.”

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